Why Web Development Institute?

Web Development Institute is the premier institute in Delhi-NCR offering wide range of web design and web development courses. All our courses are designed by experts and in consultation with students from the advanced regions of the web world.

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Our Web Development Faculty

Our Web Development Courses are known for its professional excellence. Our highly qualified & experienced faculty offers intensified practical training to the students in the field of web development. They also render free career counseling.

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Want to talk to our career advisor!! Feel free to contact on any of the following numbers:

Ring us at:   +91 9911-78-23-50
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JavaScript Quiz for Beginners

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Which one from the follwing given options is correct to apply the border with 2px width, red color, and solid style on an element with id 'demo' in JavaScript?

document.getElementById('demo').style.border = "2px solid red";

document.getElementById('demo').border = "2px solid red";

document.getElementsById('demo').style.border = "2px solid red";

#demo.style.border = "2px solid red";