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Web Design

Web Design refers to designing of website and includes skills & disciplines related to production and maintenance of websites. Various dimensions of web design comprises of web graphic design, interface design, user experience design and SEO.  Presently the web is the major means of communication offering promising career options such as Web Graphic Artist, Template Artist, UI n UX Designer, Web Designer and Developer, Game Developer, AJAX Programmer, CMS Developer, SEO , etc...  

ADMEC Multimedia Institute is offering numerous job centric diploma courses in web such as Web Master, Web Premium, Web Standard, Web Developer Master, E-commerce Master, etc… Here we are providing some blogs and article on various web related topics. These topics will really help you in increasing your knowledge-base about the web. Also viewers are free to discuss their problems or point out any discretionary. Our institute’s faculty is readily available to solve your problems.

10 Amazing Things in JavaScript- You might not Know!


The language which every web developer must learn is one of the core Web development languages is JavaScript. JavaScript not only use for Web pages but also use in desktop and server programming. The abbreviation used to denote JavaScript is JS.

JavaScript and Java are totally different languages most of the people think that these languages are same, but these are different in all aspects like concept and designing.

JavaScript is a network-centric application that sends data to the server and is interconnected by the communication network. JavaScript is simple, light-weighted and interpreted programming language i.e. instructions are executed directly and freely. It is integrated with Java and HTML, hence easy to use and implement. To building Dynamic Web pages and web applications it is an open platform.

What's New In Web Development in 2018?

Well Said By Someone - “Changes Are A Part Of Life. If You can’t accept the change, you can’t Exist in this world”. 

New Enthralling Changes In Web Development in 2018

So, Here Are some ENTHRALLING CHANGES in WEB TECHNOLOGY. Here’s the List Begins: -

1. Latest Version of Google Chrome

On the top of the list is “Your Best-Loved Browser- Google Chrome”.
The last Version of Google Chrome that used by you was 67.0 released on 31-05-2018. So, the announcement was done by GOOGLE CHROME that they going to release is Google Chrome 68 in July 2018. 

Web Designing vs Web Development vs UI Development

Web Designing vs Web Development vs UI Development

Although are you searching to know the difference between Web designing, Web development and UI development but when we listen to these words, suddenly a thing comes to our mind that these all terms are almost same because a common thing is there ‘Web and development’ but such assumption is completely wrong. There is only one similarity in all of these that they are related to website making but still they are different. Here we will explain such terms in detail to clear all the differences properly.

Before that lets discuss few important terms here in brief.

Learn Debugging in Simple Steps in Advanced JavaScript Training

Learn Debugging in Simple Steps in Advanced JavaScript Training

JavaScript is used for creation of fully fledged applications which contain thousands of lines of JavaScript code and errors are bound to happen. 

Due to increasing complexity of code when something goes wrong developers need powerful JavaScript debugging tools in order to figure out the cause of issue and fix it efficiently. An alert () dialogue helps to some extent only.

In this tutorial we will see some features of modern developer tools that make JavaScript debugging convenient for beginners who just started learning JavaScript.

All modern browsers support “debugging” – a special UI in developer tools that makes finding and fixing errors much easier. Following are the keyboard shortcuts to access it:

How to Work with Literals and Loops in JavaScript

Work with Literals and Loops in JavaScript
In this blog, we are going to learn about Literals and loops used in JavaScript. When we declare a variable and assign or store a value in it, that value is a literal and has many types which we will see further. Loops are a way of handling the control flow, JavaScript provides many types of loops which we will see further.

Literals in JavaSript

A literal is a symbolization which allows the representing a static value in basis code. Notations in JavaScript are used to loading values, for instance, floating-point numbers, Boolean, integers, characters, and strings etc. Apart from these notations, there are elements notations too in this language such as arrays, and objects. Let’s look at the types of literals we can save with examples:

1. Numeric Literals

Floating-point numbers and integers both are supported by JavaScript.
Integers Literals


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