Most Common Languages and Frameworks to Learn to Become A Full Stack Web Developer

Most Common Languages and Frameworks to Learn to Become A Full Stack Web Developer

In the last few years, web development has made its mandatory space in each and every sector. Every new start-up or any company thinks of having a website which could provide each and every information to the visitor that he/she wants to know. For that, the website should have good UI, interactive functions and enough space in the database to store any form of data. These features can only be accomplished by a full-stack developer. For having well-versed knowledge about the same there is the need of the best institute. By joining professional web design and development courses from any renowned Web Development Institute is the best in Rohini, North Delhi one can attain industry-standard skills. It has great experienced faculty and outstanding features about the way they teach and inspires their students. 

Common Web Design and Development Languages and Frameworks to Learn

A full stack web developer not only develops a website but also do all the designing part as well. Here are the languages that need to be known for becoming a full stack web developer: – 


HTML is a scripting language, its full form is Hyper Text Mark-up Language, it is used to write the content. Whereas CSS is a styling language which stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is used to give a better visual to the content that is written using HTML. Basically, as the name tells, it is a styling language. By using this you can add images, add colors, make animations and transitions etc.

2. Bootstrap

After having expertise in HTML and CSS. Then comes Bootstrap. Since nowadays website can be open on any device, so that design needs to be adaptive to that device i.e., it should be responsive. Now to make any website responsive bootstrap is used, which divides a template into rows and columns. This, in turn, gives a better user experience.

3. JavaScript

Now, after the completion of design coding, the website needs to be interactive. That is a user should feel the website, then only they will feel the urge to surf through the other sessions of the website. Now, for doing that JavaScript comes in use. It helps in making the static website to the line. That is, it gives life to a design made using HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. It is a very flexible language. We can make dropdowns, slide-shows etc. using JavaScript.

4. jQuery

jQuery is basically a library of code built in JavaScript. It simplifies the event handling function, animation, and interaction through Ajax in a website.

5. Angular

It is a JavaScript framework. When you think of making a single page application, Angular is the best for that. Before starting with angular one should be clear with the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

6. PHP

Now, the above languages that we talked about are all front-end-languages and help to create UI of any website. Where PHP, Hypertext Pre-processor is a server-side language which helps in making dynamic web pages. It is open source language.

7. MySQL

MySQL is a very famous database which is used with PHP to store the data. It is supported and developed by Oracle. In this, all the data is kept in the form of tables where it contains columns and rows.

8. CodeIgniter

Website with high-end features is useless until and unless it is not showing up on the first page of Google results. To rank, the website search engine optimization is very important. Both off the page and on page SEO are crucial.

9. WordPress

It is the world’s most popular CMS built using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL etc. It is most popular because it is very easy to learn therefore, beginners can create stunning websites and experienced programmers can also take it to the beyond the basic.

10. Drupal

It is also a CMS akin WordPress but being used by developers only as it has a steep learning curve. It is a little tough to learn than WordPress that’s why we can create highly complicated and huge websites in it easily.

Advanced Web Design and Development Courses Offered by WDI

Here, are some courses that are being offered by Web Development Institute which
are great to start your career as a web developer after completion of the course:

Web Master Plus Course – 18 Months

If you have a flame to be a full stack web developer then this advanced web design and development course is for you.

Read more about this course: Web Master Plus

Web Master – 12 Months

An ideal diploma course in website designing which covers the hardcore training of leading web design and development languages as well as frameworks to make you a complete webmaster.

Read more about this course: Web Master

Web Premium – 08 Months

Web Premium is an endorsed course for those who want to go for UI designing and development. This web design course entails the committed training of Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular etc.

Read more about this course: Web Premium Course

Web Development Master Course – 06 Months

One who is having familiarity with front-end languages such as HTML and JavaScript can go for this course as it covers the advanced concepts of database management, Dynamic UI technologies and, popular Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Woo-commerce.

Read more about this course: Web Developer Master Course

So, we see that full stack web developer needs to be well versed with the front end and backend languages. Last but not least, they should be equally good at doing SEO for the website. The salary packages for a web developer are very high. Web Development Institute is the best institute for pursuing with your dream to become a web developer. 

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