Advanced WordPress Course

About the Advance WordPress Course

WordPress is the most preferred and powerful CMS today because it offers a great user interface to the new candidates to grasp it easily. That’s why join our Advance WordPress Course.

This WordPress training course is especially designed for those who want to know WordPress in and out so that they can design and deploy WordPress websites professionally. It covers theme development, widgets, and extension development along with various features in WordPress at advanced level.

Prerequisites to join WordPress Institute in Rohini

  • Prior working knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery is required
  • Knowledge of important concepts in PHP like methods, functions, object oriented is preferred
  • Should have good understanding of PHP and MySQL connectivity

What you will learn?

We have divided the study of WordPress in various parts for making its training organized and learnable for you. Students will explore the working of WordPress. This course will also cover theme development & WordPress e-Commerce stores.

Module 1: Discovering WordPress as an Application

This section will take you to the exploration of WordPress as an Application

  • WordPress introduction
  • Setting up server
  • Step by step installation and configuration of WordPress
  • Difference between Post and Pages content types
  • Creating and managing content
  • Managing images and media in WordPress
  • Working with widgets in WordPress
  • Managing comments system
  • Handling WordPress themes
  • Finding and installing best WordPress plugins
  • Custom content type in WordPress
  • Working with custom fields
  • Overview of User and permission management
  • Statistics, scalability, security, and spam in WordPress

Module 2: Theme Development in WordPress

In this module you will learn Theme Development in WordPress.

  • Overview of WordPress developer community
  • Development of WordPress theme
  • Working with Loops
  • Creating widget area
  • What are Template tags in WordPress?

Module 3: Plugin and Widget Development

This module deals with Plugin and Widget Development.

  • Plugin and Widget development in WordPress
  • Learning Dashboard widget development
  • Exploring Plugin options and administration
  • Ajax and Plugin in WordPress
  • Using WordPress database
  • Creation of database tables
  • Inserting data in tables
  • Mastering CRUD in WordPress
  • Using Ajax in front end using WordPress
  • Working with Loop, Posts, and Pages
  • Understanding the WordPress plugin lifecycle
  • Security and extensibility of the Plugin

Module 4: Testing and Publishing a WordPress Website

You will go through Testing and Publishing.

  • Moving WordPress website from localhost to live server
  • Testing and debugging process
  • Tests and Projects

Key Takeaways of Advance WordPress Course

  • Introduction of WordPress
  • Setting up server
  • Installing and configuring WordPress
  • Theme development in WordPress
  • WordPress developer community
  • Developing a WordPress plugin
  • The Loop, inserting data in tables
  • Mastering CRUD in WordPress
  • Ajax in frontend using WordPress

Career Options After Advance WordPress Course

WordPress Developer, WordPress Architect, WordPress Theme Developer, WordPress Programmer, Plugin Developer, Widget Developer etc.

For better PHP understanding, join our advanced PHP training course.

  • Students: 5-6
  • Length: 2 Months
  • Practice: 1 hr per day
  • Module: 4
  • Subject: Development
  • Tests: Yes
  • Graduation: No
  • Language: English
  • Type: Certificate
  • Training Type: Classroom & Online

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