Advanced Drupal Course

About the elite Drupal Course in Rohini

If you want to develop highly advanced, rich featured, and SEF (search engine friendly) websites with a content management system. Then you should have to take a close look at the open-source Drupal Course in Rohini.

Take your Drupal knowledge to the next level with this short-term certificate course. Learn all about content types, Views, Panels, Theme Development in Drupal by Drupal Training Institute in Delhi. Once you have completed this advanced Drupal classes. You will be fully capable of installing, building, deploying, and maintaining your own customized Drupal websites.

Prerequisites to join Drupal Training Institute in Delhi

  • Prior working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be preferred
  • Methods, functions, object-oriented thoughts should be cleared in any programming language
  • Should have good understanding of PHP and basic knowledge of MySQL. Before going for advanced Drupal Training

What you will learn in Drupal Course in Rohini

This course emphasizes on all the Advanced level essential concepts related to Drupal. Once you have completed this advanced Drupal classes, you will be fully capable of installing, building, deploying, and maintaining your own customized Drupal websites. You can use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications.

Key takeaways

  • Overview of Drupal
    • Introduction to Drupal
    • How is Drupal built
    • Overview of Drupal community
    • Professional Support for Drupal
    • Drupal Associations

    Installation of Drupal

    • How to install Drupal?
    • Acquia’s Stack Installer

    Building a Drupal Site

    • What is Content management?
    • How to modify the menus?
    • Adding Blocks
    • Getting in Contact Exploring your Site’s Permission
    • Creating Members –Only Site
    • Time for a New Look
    • Using Cron Service in Drupal

    Administration- Configuration, Modules, and Reporting in Drupal

    • Configuration
    • System – Site Information
    • Explore the filtered HTML Text Format
    • Apache
    • A Need for Speed

    Administration- Blocks, Menus, and Themes in Drupal

    • Blocks
    • Menus
    • URL Aliases AKA Custom Paths
    • Installing Themes

    Managing Content in Drupal

    • What are Drupal Nodes?
    • Creating Custom Content Types
    • How to add an Image Upload Field
    • Permissions Overview
    • Content Construction Kit(CCK)
    • Working with Views
    • Administering Nodes
    • Content Moderation
    • Nodes in a Nutshell
    • Comments and Spam
    • RSS Aggregation

    Drupal User Management

    • Way to create user account?
    • Creating Accounts
    • How to cancel accounts and set up Account E-mails
    • In what manner to use open ID
    • Creating Roles and Permissions
    • Creating Custom User Profiles
    • Tracking User Activity
    • Custom Administration Pages with Views
    • User Sessions

    Taxonomy in Drupal

    • Terminology and Vocabularies in Drupal
    • Using Terms on Your Content
    • Taxonomy Term Field Settings
    • A Term’s Parent/Child Relationship
    • Utilizing Views to Display Term Pages
    • APIs in Drupal
    • Theming Considerations
    • Functional Contributed Modules

    Search, Performance, Statistics, and Reporting in Drupal

    • Search in Drupal
    • How to improve performance of Drupal website
    • Reporting in Drupal
    • Drupal Statistics

    Triggers, Actions, Workflow, and Rules in Drupal

    • Triggers and Actions
    • Workflow and Rules
    • Features of the Rules Module
    • Conditions in Drupal
    • Scheduler and Rules Sets
    • Input Evaluators

    Views in Drupal

    • Advanced Help
    • Overview of Views
    • The FrontPage Views
    • Displays and Style Settings
    • How to create a Photo Gallery
    • Arguments in Views
    • Exposed Filters
    • Relationships
    • Permissions in Drupal
    • Caching (AKA Performance)
    • Advanced Views

    Internationalization in Drupal

    • A Bit of Terminology
    • Localizing
    • Translating Your Content
    • Beyond the Basics

    Exploring Themes (Concepts, Switching) in Drupal

    • Administering Themes
    • Custom Theming
    • Sub Themes in Drupal
    • Info File
    • Templates Files
    • Pre-process Functions
    • Swapping Theme Functions and Template Files
    • Theme Registry and Theme Engines in Drupal

    Contributed Modules in Drupal

    • Working with Contributed and Custom Modules
    • Finding Modules in Drupal

    Custom Modules in Drupal

    • Defining Modules
    • Hooks in Drupal
    • Modules Description
    • Page Creation in Drupal
    • Modification for Existing Modules

    Development Hooks in Drupal

    • Hooks: A Module’s Starting Point
    • Creating Your Modules Themeable

    Learn Drupal Modules at Drupal Training Institute in Delhi

    • Installing and uninstalling modules
    • Adding Custom Administrative Settings
    • Helping Your Users
    • Permission Handling
    • Storing Data in Custom Table
    • Drupal Query Functions
    • Displaying the Results on the User’s Profile
    • Summary of database
    • How to create a Bulletproof Site with Sample Test

    Drupal’s Preflight Checklist

    • Preflight Checklist
    • SEO
    • Site analyzing with Google
    • Overview of Dashboard

Career Options after completion of Drupal Course in Rohini

Drupal Developer, Advanced Drupal Expert, Drupal Theme Developer, Drupal Architect etc.

Apart from Drupal, you also can go for WordPress. Check out the advanced WordPress course offered by our web development institute in Delhi.


  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Type: Certificate
  • Training Type: Classroom & Online
  • Language: English , Hindi
  • Test & Projects: 12-15
  • Batch Strenght: 5-6
  • Class Duration: 1.5 Hours / Day

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