A Must Read Article for Designers Moving from Graphic Design to Web Design

A Must Read Article for Designers Moving from Graphic Design to Web Design

The most important question is raising here that why a graphic designer will move to the web design? And what about the experience that one has acquired from the graphic design? He or she has to move completely from graphic to web or one will work on the mixed profiles. The correct answer is not as small as we are thinking. That’s why I planned to write something on this topic too.

First of all I would like to answer the first question. Every company is updating itself; all the companies are changing their way of advertisements. Now they are coming our completely or partially from old days advertising styles. All they have given a huge acceptance to other mediums of publicity like television commercials and internet advertisements. On the first side where television advertisements are very expensive while on other side internet marketing or internet advertisements are cheaper and stable. So, this is the reason why companies are demanding web professionals.

What you should know before deciding for Web training Courses?

An individual switching from graphic design to web should be aware of the complexities of creating a website. Having a background in graphics the designers possess strong visualization skills and good command over designing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc… Using these software a graphic designer can create artistic web layouts, logos, can make effective use of color scheme (while designing), can put dummy content to see visuals, slicing, etc..

Also the profession of web calls for good rhythm and maintaining consistency while working. Therefore we can say that an individual who wants to switch over from graphics to web can easily adapt to the new learning environment as against the fresher.

Career options in Web Designing for you

Individuals switching over from graphics to web not only enhances their scope but also place themselves at good designation in the IT or digital media industry. Some of the promising career options in web are UI designer, Web-Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Image Editor, Flash Designer, SEO Expert, Presentation Artist, Advertising Designer, Image Editor, JavaScript Developer, 2D Animator, Paginator, Template Artist, Instructional Artist, etc… 

Where you should go for training in Web Designing Courses?

There are thousands of multimedia institutes in Delhi-NCR that offers training in the web and graphics. Among other established institutes ADMEC Multimedia Institute in West-Delhi is considered as one of the high-tech institute that offers professional learning and training in the entire multimedia suite to its students. The kind of quality, professional standards exhibit by the institute is commendable. Moreover the extra supportive environment given by the institute’s faculty outstand it from others.  

How to plan your career in web designing after completion of the course?

After course completion in web or after acquiring sound knowledge in web and graphics one can plan his or her career according to their preferences. That is say according to his or her area of interest. One can choose to place himself in a reputed organization as a graphic-web designer, or can work as a freelancer designer. If you choose ADMEC as one of your institute for pursuing web, graphics or any multimedia program, then during the tenure of your program our counselors will assist you in pursuing a right career ahead.


The article summarizes the deciding factors, career options, type of training, etc… That an individual should look for while switching over from graphics to the profession of web design or equip themselves with the knowledge of both graphics and web.

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