Most Popular Courses in Web Design and Web Development

Most Popular Courses in Web Design and Web Development

Web is becoming broader and broader day by day. It is providing new dimensions every day and these dimensions are creating new opportunities for everyone worldwide in the field of Web Design & Web Development. Since the very beginning of the Digital Media and Internet Communication, I observed that web is growing more rapidly than any other fields in entire multimedia. Now people are taking web design and development courses as a very serious career option so in result a huge industry for web courses training arise in a decade.

Lets discuss some essential topics for web design and development courses.

What is Web Design and Development?

Web Design & Web Development primarily refers to “planning & creation” of websites and forms a crucial part of electronic media. It not only encompasses website architecture, layout, navigation, fonts, colors, textures but also the use of popular programming languages such as HTML5 CSS3JavaScript, jQuery, DHTML, PHP, MySQL, Ajax etc. By bringing together all these elements, a web designer is able to create user-interactive websites for their clients.

What are career options available in Web Design & Web Development?

When it comes to website designing and website development, the profession offers allied range of career options in web within IT industry. Growing use of internet by medium & big corporate houses and MNC’s for brand promotion has given a dramatic boom in the demand of web design and web development professionals in the digital media market. Some of the promising career options in web design and web development available are:

  • Web Graphic Artist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer 
  • Flash Designer 
  • ActionScript Programmer
  • Ajax Programmer
  • PHP Programmer
  • E-learning Content Designer
  • CMS Developer
  • SEO Professional
  • Mobile Application Developer

Our Web Design & Web Development Courses

Web designing and web development refer to a composite profession of designing and development web pages and websites. A well designed website stand out from the others when it comes to seeking customer’s attention for a longer time period. It is considered as one of the most sophisticated process of web designing & web development. In web designing and web development there are many of the things has to be taken care of while designing a website. Therefore through this dedicated portal for web, ADMEC Multimedia is offering a number of professional and career-oriented diploma and certificate courses in web design and development in Delhi.

We offer more than 50 courses in web designing and web development ranging from one month to one year. All our courses are crafted after a research by renowned web designers and web developers. We lay special emphasize on providing productive courses in web design and web development (along with intense practical training) rather than just providing a piece of content. Our faculty strongly focuses on the principle of “concept- clarity” when it comes to teaching and web design and web development courses.

Our Most Popular Web Design and Development Courses

ADMEC is seen as complete web training institute by the industry experts. We offer professional job-centric courses in Web Design, Web Development, Web Promotion and Maintenance. Some of our popular courses are:

  • Web Master
  • Web Developer Master
  • Web Premium
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Master
  • Ecommerce Master
  • AngularJS
  • Mobile Application Development Master
  • SEO Master
  • PHP MySQL Master
  • Drupal Master
  • WordPress Master
  • Joomla Master
  • Magento Master

Apart from above given web design and web development courses; we also offer advanced training in single web programming languages and web applications such as Ajax, jQuery, ActionScript etc.

Salaries of Web Designer, Developers, and SEO Experts after Completion of Web Design and Web Development Courses

Web is a profession of applied science. It calls for high visualization, logical and analytical skills. The profession offers hundred of career opportunities within national and international boundaries. The salaries or packages earned by web designers, web developers and web SEO experts entirely depends upon their skills, competency level, hard work, and dedication towards their work. On the basis of random statistic, an entry level designer or developer can earn up to Rs.1.8 lakh annum while professionals can earn between 5 to 9 lakh per annum. Rest depends on their proficiency level.


The article explores the various career options and most popular courses available in the profession of Web Design and Web Development.

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