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Nowadays everyone has easy access to the web and some of us really like surfing the web just for fun. There are a lot of sites which maybe you visit daily and sometimes think that’s good design and can I make it ?

Parts of a website

Yeah you can, web designing is  actually a lot easier than you realize. There are a lot of things going on with the website which a user does not or never realizes. Like

  • Firstly you have the design
  • working and flow of a website
  • the backend and databases 
  • the most important thing i.e. SEO

These are all different things and it is considered to have one person for each job.So what we are going to look at in this blog is what are the things as a web designer you should know or learn when just starting out and what is the best possible way to learn these.

A lot of people get confused on what a web designer means and what they know if you can simply code it and have no knowledge of the software or how designing works then believe that person is not designer he/she is just a UI Developer.

Interested in code in basic languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? It’s okay, you don’t need to be worried since you are never too old to learn new skills. Web Standard Course from Web Development Institute is the perfect course for you.

What to learn in Web Design Training


The best way to start the learning process is to start from learning software, software that is used to design wire frames and the UI. When learning these software you’ll learn the designing and the complete process involved. Most important thing that you’ll learn here apart from being able to make a UI is the color themes and the layouts. Here are some of the most popular software for the web

  • Adobe Xd: A prototyping and UI designing tool especially built for making the UIs. It also comes with lots of features like sharing, prototyping, animation etc. 
  • Adobe Illustrator or Figma: You can learn any of them but the illustrator is very vast compared to figma. Many people will disagree on this one but here me out why I am recommending this. After learning any of them you will be able to use SVGs which can be used as an alternative to all the images.
  • Adobe Photoshop: This is not a must software but if you like learning, then why not with this you’ll be able to manipulate the images you want to use on the website at your own will no need for an online tool for compressing and editing.

This is it for the software time to move on to the cheesy part of being a web designer. The languages and the frameworks that are required.

After completing the software you probably would have made a lot of UIs of apps and website time to convert them into a working website. To do that we use these languages and style sheets together and you can’t skip them.

Let’s start Coding

  • HTML: This here is the main structure of the website, the building blocks the bones of your website’s body. It is a markup language and it consists of elements that notify the browser how a content should be displayed.
  • CSS: The style sheet controls the layout of the webpages and how they are displayed. CSS is used to style the elements or used to change the appearance of the elements. You can also control the structure on different screens.It’s the skin to your webpage body.

Now after learning these you can make the coded UI but it will be static meaning everything it displays is hard coded by you and it will stay that until you learn a backend language with a database but that will discuss some other time.


It’s time to learn some framework if you have learned the HTML and CSS properly and made websites responsive. You know there are some challenges when doing so. This solves that issue instead of writing CSS manually the frameworks provide pre-written CSS and all you need to do is a particular to get that style. With this you can make a website easily without that much problem. They also have pre-built code blocks of accordions, sliders and so on. Here are some of the most popular framework

  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind
  • UI Kit
  • Materialize
  • Foundation
  • Skeleton

There are more and you can choose any one or two of them but I’ll recommend learning Bootstrap and Tailwind.

Even after the elements like accordion, sliders and navigation you would have noticed that UI lacks the certain functionality or there are various effects, transitions and events that are not possible to make yet. 

Learn or Skip

It’s about time to learn JavaScript but before we continue there is a roadblock and this part is completely optional and learning this will make your life easier in the programming world so it’s up to you if you want to follow this or not.

Before continuing you should consider C and C++ the grandparents of every programming language. When C and C++ you learn the basics of the programming to its core and get to understand the working process of a compiler, assembler, etc. How the execution of a program takes place.

Can I learn JavaScript Now?

After completing or skipping C and C + + it’s about time we get into the best part of web designing the JavaScript. JavaScript is also known as the programming language of the web. It is the most popular language. It has lots of use cases and has the best frameworks like Angular and libraries like React. It has roots so deep that it covers both the frontend and backend of the websites.

Where to learn from?

See I know when you ask some people where you should start they’ll tell you web designing is easy and you can learn from the YouTube or online recorded sessions you don’t need to join a course for that. Believe they’ll waste your time, the YouTube and videos i think are only for the ones who know what they have to learn. If you are a beginner you’ll face a lot of problems in this regard and the videos do not cover everything, I know this ‘cause I’ve been there and done that and it was such a blunder.

It’s better to join a web designing institute or if it’s not possible and you can take classes online then consider joining an institute where they provide live classes online, not some video explaining things.

Why To Join Web Development Institute?

If you are considering joining a web designing training center then look no further than us. We are the best web designing institute in Delhi. Learn from teachers who have industry knowledge and have been working in the past as developers themselves. Our classes are composed of only 4 to 5 students so that teacher and student can interact and clear all the doubts. We also organize special workshops on different topics or sometimes just to explain the latest trends. Here are some of the best courses that we recommend for you :

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