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AngularJS Master

Duration: 1½ Month

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web apps. The framework is widely used for building single-page web application fast. This structural framework allows you to extend HTML vocabulary for your web application along-with Model View Controller (MVC) capabilities. It is fully extendible and works well with other libraries too.

This “Superheroic JavaScript” framework allows UI developers a place to go on the web, gives developers necessary controls manage state and also allows them to Express UI declaratively & reduce side effects, etc…

ADMEC Multimedia institute one of the leading web designing and development institute is offering an intense course in AngularJS that is “AngularJS Master”. The course is spread across 2 months duration. During this tenure of two month you will learn how to bootstrap your AngularJS application, understanding MVC architecture, how to use Angular JS markup and expressions, use built-in services & create custom services, use of routing to turn apps into a SPA (Single Page Application) etc…Training in AngularJS is proffered by experienced professionals having 10 years of working experience in the UI Development Industry.

Eligibility for AngularJS Course

Candidates who want to purse AngularJS program must have:  

  • Moderate Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Advanced Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Moderate knowledge of Ajax Functionality using JavaScript
  • Knowledge of any server side scripting would be an added advantage to learn AngularJS Services

AngularJS' Topics

1. Introduction to AngularJS

  • What you should know before learning AngularJS
  • JavaScript helping you in learning AngularJS
  • What we will cover in AngularJS

2. Getting Started

  • What is AngularJS?
  • Exploring a basic Application built in AngularJS
  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller Architecture of AngularJS
  • Using Modules and Scope

3. Expressions and Built-in Directives

4. Filters and New Directives

  • Using Filters
  • Displaying the first image
  • Display all thumbnails
  • Creating an image gallery in JavaScript

5. Controller in AngularJS

6. Working with Models

  • Working with Complex Models
  • Using the $http Service to read a JSON file coming from server
  • Filtering Content Using Directives
  • Binding to Input Fields through Filters

7. Events in AngularJS

8. Working with Forms in AngularJS

  • Forms and Models
  • Creating a review form
  • Review live preview
  • Accepting form submition
  • Creating and using review controller
  • Validating form
  • Styling form

9. Dealing with Services, Routing, and Dependencies in AngularJS

  • Dependencis
  • Services
  • Routing

10. Integration of AngularJS with Twitter Bootstrap

11. Creating an App in AngularJS

12. Evaluation and Assessment

  • Project in AngularJS
  • AngularJS Tests

Career Options in AngularJS

AngularJS Developers, Single Page Application (SPA) Developer etc.

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