10 Amazing Things in JavaScript- You might not Know!

10 Amazing Things in JavaScript- You might not Know!

The language which every web developer must learn is one of the core Web development languages is JavaScript. JavaScript not only use for Web pages but also use in desktop and server programming. The abbreviation used to denote JavaScript is JS.

JavaScript and Java are totally different languages most of the people think that these languages are same, but these are different in all aspects like concept and designing.

JavaScript is a network-centric application that sends data to the server and is interconnected by the communication network. JavaScript is simple, light-weighted and interpreted programming language i.e. instructions are executed directly and freely. It is integrated with Java and HTML, hence easy to use and implement. To building Dynamic Web pages and web applications it is an open platform.

To begin with this JavaScript, the learner must have the prior knowledge of Object orientation, HTML & CSS which is the main idea of website designing.

This blog is all about the top 10 amazing things in JavaScript which you should know before learning JavaScript training courses.

Amazing Things to Know in JavaScript

1) Trending VUE

Firstly, the framework that was introduced was Angular, after that AngularJS come into the market with more advanced features then React came into the market and after that the language which overcomes the disadvantages of rest is VUE. The growth rate of the VUE is 168.4% in past year. VUE has currently generally used Framework, and make developers experience really good things. It is a JavaScript library which is easy use because it made Adoptable to the society.

2) Reason-React

In 2017, there is a release of Reason-React which construct bindings. In short, you can say if you are writing a Reason Code then will be compiled using ReactJS.

3) GraphQL

It is like data query language which developed by Facebook. It is a great second substitute to the language after REST and ad-hoc web service architecture.
It permits the clients to define the structure of data. It supports various languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++ etc.

4)React Native

It is a tool which use to develop Application for mobile as well as website development both. For developing the React native, just need of an prior knowledge of JavaScript.
There are many components which use in the project to save time and cost required. It shows very better performance with native development, capable to handle Large heavy technology projects.


It is the framework which is developed on React which is an application based on Server-side. The specialty of that it brings the content from the server- side that is generated by the server.

It being so popular because of its easiness and efficiency in the setup and this has the SEO new chances.
It helps to create applications which work on the server, computer, and mobile.

6)A jest is A Testing Tool for JavaScript

In any programming language, nothing is completed until it gets compiled and runs on any platform, in another word there is a requirement of the testing tool. The JavaScript testing tool that is Jest, it is a testing framework for JavaScript build applications.
This is a popular tool which has a fantastic performance with React, automatic testing can greatly perform by this.


When we write code there are different files which should be combined with the whole code to give specific output and optimized the result. So, there is need of bundling tool which is WebPack. there is a need for Web developers to combine the different JavaScript code files in a Bundle to use on different browsers.
The best advantage of this is that it bundles even all the non-code assets like images, fonts etc.

8) TypeScript

It is a great platform introduced for non-coders or for those who are new in this field will fell burden in learning the coding because it provides automatic code completion during the implementation of the code. TypeScript provides a neat and clean code with faster speed platform to develop the code. It helps to detect the error more easily and more quickly at the very early stage of developing the code. It does not require any separate compilation methods it compiles while writing the code. It produces pure JavaScript code which is neat and clean.
A true value is shown by TypeScript by reducing the efforts and time which is required to develop and debug the code.

9) More Control Over Operating Systems and Browser 

JavaScript is really an amazing object based scripting language which imparts more and better control over the dominant browsers and operating systems than any other scripting language.


React application tool which is developed for developing UI components. It is a platform where development and designing of an application can be done parallel without interrupting each other.
It creates screens which represent more than one state.

So, these are the top 10 amazing things and facts in JavaScript which will definitely help you to understand this scripting language in a better way. Now you need to go for an ideal place where you can learn advanced JavaScript courses in Delhi and can explore the essential concepts of web designing and UI Development. For acquiring such place you need to join Web Development InstituteDelhi’s best web designing and development training institute.

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