What’s New In Web Development in 2018?

Well Said By Someone – “Changes Are A Part Of Life. If You can’t accept the change, you can’t Exist in this world”. 

New Enthralling Changes In Web Development in 2018

So, Here Are some ENTHRALLING CHANGES in WEB TECHNOLOGY. Here’s the List Begins: –

1. Latest Version of Google Chrome

On the top of the list is “Your Best-Loved Browser- Google Chrome”.The last Version of Google Chrome that used by you was 67.0 released on 31-05-2018. So, the announcement was done by GOOGLE CHROME that they going to release is Google Chrome 68 in July 2018.  Which consist new feature of Security that NON-SECURE SITES going to be marked as “NOT SECURE”. This can be work by Detecting the “HTTPS encryption sites” and “NON-HTTPS sites”. The “NON -HTTPS” connections are non-secure because it catches credit card data or passwords easily, Hence, this marked as Non-secure Websites for long term plan.  As Said by Drawin – “Survival of the Fittest” which means the person who is Strongest can continue to live in this Nature. I think Google be going to be the FITTEST among the world of Browsers and hence holding the Top position and your Favorite among rest.

2. Now, Next Come the Competitor in Browser World

According to the news  “Apple ” going to be launch upgraded version of browser named “SAFARI TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW 58” with the intelligent and talented way of TRACKING PROTECTION SYSTEM for developers.                      It’s Interesting to know that it have an additional feature related to Password generation. It Automatically suggest strong, efficient,unique passwords when the person want to Change Password or Account Sign-in, More will be disclosed after the release that what exactly it consist.

3. New News Surely Shock You , Adobe Flash is going to be Invisible.

Yes My Dear!! You heard it Right!! Online Media Contents that was powered by Adobe Flash going to be abolish soon. This is because Flash security was constantly Bully. Support from internet browsers will not be given to Adobe Flash in coming years.

4. The New Generation Development is Here!!

Progressive Web Apps (Pwa) , if I talk about the functionality these are WebApps but belong to Modern Mobile applications era.These are :-

  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Engaging
  • Can be Use on Offline Mode
  • Light-weighted

For example :- AliExpress use PWA, It helped with more conversions, more customers.

5. Mobile Web Development 

As Mobile users or to be precise SmartPhone Users are increasing Day by Day. Mobile Web Development coming to occupy market very soon.The switching from monitors to mobile phones is a new trend!!. Everyone now use their Mobiles for Multi Usage. The Use of Mobile phone can’t trap in a box. It’s become a vast World, that can be operated from any corner of the World. So , Mastering In  MOBILE WEB Development is a DEMAND of SOCIETY and part of the change. If you want to learn mobile web development then you can go for Responsive Website Design Master course offered by Web Development Institute. 

6. Single Page Web Application

Next on the list is Single Page Web Application which is another Swing of Web Development world. Single page websites are the websites in which all the contents loads once in a single page by JavaScript framework. In coming days, JavaScript will going conquer by leaving behind other languages in Race. New trending Feature in the Market through which no more shifting through links is there. Each and every Contents are there on the website, doesn’t need to reload the page. Good Example of SINGLE PAGE APPLICATION is GOOGLE MAPS

7. Material Design Language

Popularity gained by Material Design is a UI development which alter the style, feel of the UI. It originated by GOOGLE which is an effort to build an Interactive, User Friendly Visuals which smoothing to the eyes and provide motion to it. Google have developed a particular own language known as Material Design Language which use CSS frameworks which have MATERIALIZE and SASS as there two category.

8. Popularity Of VUE JS.

An Open SOURCE platform with JavaScript Framework and Web Application Framework which is use to build UI with capabilities of building SINGLE PAGE APPLICATIONS. VUE is a JavaScript libraries which is easy use because it made Adoptable to the society.

9. Push Notification 

Push notification gaining important role in web development. It becoming more and more well known and because of there significance everyone wants integrate into their designs. It helps by pushing notification instantly whenever the new content arrived either on your mails, browser or anywhere else.

10. Modular Page in WordPress

Building a page on WordPress is nothing new, but building it in MODULAR PAGE is something in in demand. GOOD looking with great Functionality is what to be achieved. It gives the functionality of Drag and Drop in an effective and optimize way with no coding Knowledge required. They are Popular not Just in WordPress Community but in more areas. So, here we have reached towards our conclusion:-● Google Chrome Introduced new feature with latest version.● Apple introduce its own Browser update with great functionality.● Adobe Flash going to be decline soon.● PWA came in role with modern features.● Mobile development Demand going to increase in Coming Years.● Single Page Applications are the new Hero of Websites.● The product of Google itself Material Design leading the current market with its new features and user experiences.● VUE JS help to build single pages in WEB development.● Push Notifications are trending technology use by Developers now a days.● Modular page creations are the best adaption with efficiency and easy to use. Either you are learning web development courses from any training instituteor already a full stack developer, you need to consider that changes are really significant. Changes are the primary thing for you if you want to keep up to date yourself in the arena of web development which is changing every single second. 

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