5 Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

5 Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Under this blog post, we are listing out the 5 best affiliate plugins for WordPress that you can use without any prior knowledge of affiliate marketing. This blog is very helpful for digital marketing course students and interns.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

If you are a blogger and want to do some earnings while doing blogging then the best way to do is to do it in affiliate marketing way. To do so, you add products of another websites in your blog page, such as amazon. 

For this, first, you have to create an affiliate account on the Amazon, then promote any of its products through on your website. If a user will purchase product from your reference then you will also get some amount of benefit in your account. 

The Importance of Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

But why we should use affiliate plugin of wordpress to manage the  affiliate marketing? The reason is simple, you can’t just manage all of the affiliate links using using any tool or system. So here when the WP plugins come into play.

Benefits of Using Affiliate Plugins

If you are using affiliate plugins then you can manage all of your affiliate market at one place and can also track the progress or add or remove any products from your websites.

Most of the bloggers try to find a free alternative of plugins, but it will not help you at all. For better results you should use paid plugins as this is the only method that will provide you accurate results.

Top 5 Affiliate Plugins for WordPress


Amazon associate wordpress plugin, you can download this plugin from the official website i.e. getaawp.com and purchase your suitable plan accordingly. It is one of the best plugin if you are in affiliate marketing with amazon. You can see data in user friendly tables that will also help you to compare products. 

Apart from this plugin also offers option to show products specifications, prices and many more. You can also provide a direct buy to amazon button to the user that will redirect the user to the official website of the amazon with your reference. 

If the user will make a purchase of the product then you will get some benefits from the amazon. See, the amount of benefits depends on the type of products user is buying. Here is the demo table of the products comparison.

Products comparison table for affiliate marketers

2. Thirsty Affiliate Plugin

Generally bloggers on WordPress use the Thirsty Affiliate plugin for but this plugin is available for all to try on WordPress. If you want to use Thirsty Affiliate Plugin you should have minimum version of WordPress 4.3, PHP 7+, Apache and MySQL 5.5. This plugin works only with the wordpress website not with any other cms websites.

It is a strictly wordpress only plugin. If someone does not have any coding skills, it’s totally fine they can use thirsty affiliate plugin for the affiliate marketing management. It is popular wordpress affiliate plugin, we can use it to manage all of the affiliate links, and can also convert the long and unreadable affiliate links into short and readable links.

3. Easy Affiliate

It is also one of the popular all in one plugin of wordpress for managing affiliate links at single place. It will give you a affiliate dashboard, real time reports of all of the transactions and products details, will also provide fraud detection, email marketing, e commerce integrations, and even no transaction fees. 

In the dashboard of affiliate you will get all of the managements options in the dashboard such as real time reports in which you can view the real time clicks reports and affiliates stats reports.

4. Affiliate Booster

This is a well designed plugin for the professional affiliates, affiliate booster plugin is a rich in featured plugin which is having all of the required options at one place for you. This one plugin is more than enough for you to manage all of the affiliate works. It has some user friendly controls such as multi editing options, drag and drop feature. 

5. YITH WooCommerce

YITH WooCommerce is a plugin which also provides some useful features in the free version. If a user visits the store with a refer id in the url, the plugin will save the affiliate id and credits commissions if the visit turn inti the purchase. You can aslo creates new affiliates directly from the registered users form your site also can use shortcode to allow affiliate registrations.

Some of the other affiliate plug-ins for WordPress are: Pretty Links, Affiliates Manager,  AffiliateWP, and EasyAzon.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way for bloggers to earn money, but managing affiliate links can be overwhelming without the right tools. Using an affiliate plugin for WordPress can simplify this process and provide valuable insights into how those links are performing. 

By considering the top 5 affiliate plugins listed above, bloggers or web masters can make an informed decision about which one to use to optimize their affiliate marketing strategy. 

There are also some of the free plugins available in the market which may give better results but for the perfection you should use the premium plugins for the affiliate marketing.

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