5 Quick Tips for Beginners Attaining JavaScript Classes

Hello mate this is ADMEC admin here how ya doing taking JavaScript classes, well here are 5 Quick Tips for Beginners Attaining JavaScript Classes. Relax no coding i’ll just a few things you should keep in mind and believe me this will help you in a lot of ways.

Don’t get overboard, practice daily

Say your instructor taught something today in class and you understood it without any problem but don’t just get carried away thinking it’s too easy i got it one go and move on to next topic No don’t do that practice whatever your instructor taught even if it’s simple as linking the JavaScript files to HTML document do that it won’t bring you any harm. The reason behind doing this is if you do this regularly you’ll have all the files with that specific concept in it and you’ll be able to look at that file for reference. You wont need to search online.

And yeah please don’t name your file as a random number or words use a proper naming convention.

Take notes

Always take notes of what is being taught in class ‘cause there will be a time when you’ll forget it. Try to write these notes in your own language; do not copy from somewhere if you want to write the code and steps too. Say you learnt addEventListener today (easily forgettable for a newbie) and in near future you have to use it and completely forgot how to use it. Your notes will be a good backup.

I know every information related to JavaScript can be found online and you should really really check those out i’ll link few here 



But they cant explain you concept better than you can they

Don’t go haywire about frameworks and libraries

In early stages of learning you’ll find there are a lot of JavaScript libraries and frameworks and yes they are good but this might not be the time to explore these things remember they are made out of JavaScript so first concentrate in learning this. Once you have learned all the basics try to build some small applications and you even try to build a creative website that uses a lot of JavaScript functionality. Ok so you complete this go check out Angular or ReactJS or the one you like 

Having problem in learning

You are not getting what your instructor is teaching, tell him don’t move forward with the class thinking what others will think it’s your class you have paid for it ask your instructor to teach again and again unless you get it.

Or maybe you’re coding what you learnt in class and is not working as supposed to even if the same code your instructor wrote don’t worry happens with everyone don’t get frustrated just put your head down don’t think about or go for coffee break it will come to you sooner and don’t fear to ask your instructor about it.

Focus on ES6 concepts

Perhaps nothing is more important in JavaScript than this definitely pay attention in all these classes because here you will learn about OOPs concept in JavaScript which is being used in nearly all of its libraries and frameworks so it will be a plus point for the future. This will also help you to write dynamic code. Remember there are a lot of developers but the quality of code will differentiate you from them.

Bonus point 

Try to follow the DRY principle (try not to repeat or copy the code you just wrote anywhere not even once) if you start this in early stages it will become a habit.

These all keep this in mind and you are set.

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