Common Website Design Myths Every Web Designer Should Know

Common Website Design Myths Every Web Designer Should Know

The web design industry is full of surprises and it is not a new thing if you find any sort of myth in it. But still considering those things is it important to give focus on them. There is a lot of Web Development Institute in Delhi but very few tell us about the website design myths that every web designer should know before starting a career in web development.

Common Website Design Myths

This blog has collected some of the common website design myths which are mentioned below:

1.) Desktop version of the website is enough

Most people still think that only the desktop version is more than enough for their website design but it is completely wrong, nowadays almost 70 to 80 percent of users visit the website from mobile or tablet. So it is really compulsory to have a completely responsive design of the website.

2.) No need for social media buttons on the website

Having social media links on the website helps a lot in engaging with the customers or the users, it will gain your organic traffic to the website, instead of sharing content on other platforms we can share it on our social media. Adding the social media buttons to the website will help to build interaction with the users and will help us to improve the seo of our website also.

3.) Content is not important for web design

Content is very important without content we can’t make our website useful to the user by just showing design and animations. But we also have to create our content as per the requirement of our target audience not all of the content is equal, our content should convey the message quickly to users because most of the average users will leave a website if they find relatable content there. content is the king in and if you want to master content writing along with web designing then you must opt for Web Designing Institute Rohini.

4.) Good websites are expensive

There is one of the most famous website Design Myths that having a good website will cost you a lot, but it’s not true in fact there are a lot of great websites available there to use free of cost such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. through which we can easily create an interactive and great website within our budget. If you also want to learn how to create an interactive website you can go to the Best web design and development courses in Delhi

5.) Email marketing is not necessary

The email which is being produced by our website is very important for the digital marketing of the website. If we will not do it in the correct way then our customers might get bored of our poor offers and monthly newsletter.

6.) Minimalism is everything

Having a website with minimalism content is good enough to create an amazing website but sometimes it is not always necessary, if the business is well known then we can go with the minimalism design it will not throw any bad impact on the business such as apple’s website they have the very minimal website design but if someone’s business is not that much famous as apple then it is not a good idea to do it all in minimal style. Having an eCommerce website business and making it all minimal will not attract the users to the website.

Conclusion of the blog:

So these were some of the website Design Myths that every web designer should know about before creating such websites design, it will help them to do it in a better way and will get some better results.

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