What Type of Language PHP is and Projects can be Created in it?

What type of language PHP is and what projects can be created using it?

An ideal way to master any programming language is to work on its projects. Working on projects gives you chance to try out your knowledge and find out the holes where you have to work. If you are PHP learner, pursuing course from a PHP institute in Rohini, you must work on live projects. Completing PHP projects is the best thing you can do to widen your back-end development knowledge.

Here is a small intro section of beginners who just started learning PHP.

A few sparkle of history of PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language which is known as hypertext preprocessor it is called acronym of the PHP. Earlier it was known as personal home page and it was developed by the Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. It is a widely used scripting language and most of the companies are working on it for various reasons. The main reason is that it is open source and free to use. This brings popularity and now a large number of developers are using PHP in their back-end development projects.

Prerequisites of learning PHP

You need to be good at followings:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

These three are the most important to learn and understand if you are planning to learn PHP. 

Basics PHP points to know

Developer can work with PHP alone or with the mixture of the HTML, CSS or JavaScript. PHP files have the extension of the “.PHP”

It is required a server to br executed on. If we are in the development mode, we can use the localhost server for the development phase and then upload the final tested version on the real server.

Things we can do with PHP

  • We can create dynamic content on the webpage
  • It is possible to read,  open, write, delete and close the files on the server with the help of this programming language.
  • We can collect the data from the user by using the PHP scripting.
  • This language can be used to send or receive the cookies information.
  • We can perform operations like, add delete, edit and update the data into the database .
  • User authentication is possible to do
  • Encrypt the data without any hurdle
  • We can work on desktop applications 
  • It also supports the cross platform development

With PHP we are not only limited to the output of the html but also we can output the images, pdf or even the xml or xhtml.

Version of the PHP

PHP 7 is the latest version available to use. It is the improved version and much faster than the PHP 5.6. which is known as the popular and stable version. Mostly issues of error handling  have improved in this latest updated version. This version also supports the strict type declarations rules for the function arguments.

Why we should use the PHP?

  • Since it is a platform independent language, it means we can use it on any operation system such as windows, linux or even the mac.
  • It is comfortable to use with almost any type of the servers such as apache or iis.
  • Generally it do supports various types of the database, such as my sql or the maria db.
  • It is easy to learn.

Now, we are coming on the main point.

What kinds of PHP projects can be created?

If you are a beginner, intermediate or even an expert in the PHP, the best way to learn any programming language is to create projects.
No one can remember all of the theories of a programming language but doing projects will help you to identifying the bugs and problems easily in the code. 

By using PHP we can build almost any kind of applications either web applications or desktop applications. 

Let’s see some of the projects ideas  lists for the beginner perspective:

Products recommendation

You can build an recommendation system which will provide suggestions to the user for the best online products to purchase. In this same project, you can collect the user data such as their previous purchased products types and recommend them the relatable and the low price products to purchase.

Feedback application

You can create a feedback application, such as students feedback application for an institute. In this application project, you will ask students some questions and their experience related to the classes and the studies. Also ask them some suggestions to improve the teaching methodology. Store all of the collected data in the database.  You can use any database for this project. Mostly we useMySQL.

If you want to learn MySQL then there is a PHP course that covers both PHP and MSQL training. 

E commerce website

An e commerce website is the best project to test your skills. Why? The main reasons is that in the e commerce website you have to create complete system, in which you will show dynamic data to the user using the PHP. You can also maintain the website from the admin panel. So, you will also create an admin panel of the website.

Blogging website

You can create a blogging system like the WordPress CMS. In this project, you can create the admin panel. Admin and the allowed users will able to do the post on to the website. They can also edit, delete, and update the created blogs. For this you can perform crud operation in PHP.

Check WordPress institute in Rohini to learn working on WordPress if you want to become its expert.

Attendance application system

Attendance system is a kind of similar to the feedback system, but in this the student will login and mark their attendance for their respective subjects. Admin can again perform the crud operations here.

So, you can almost create every possible project with the help of PHP knowledge. But remember that there are a few limitations too. You cannot create single page applications using PHP alone. For that you need to add Ajax code with PHP.

If you are interested in learning more about back-end development languages then you must check out WDI’s web development courses in Rohini which are planned for all front-end developers and website designers.

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