A Comprehensive Understanding on Responsive Websites

A responsive website is a web design which allows a web page to look good on any device or screen size whether it’s a mobile, a laptop or a computer. In other words, a responsive website is the one which has an ability to change itself according to the needs and preferences of the users. Such type of websites has increased the value of web designing and development in today’s life. Now everyone is willing to design a complete responsive website. It can is possible by learning advanced web designing and development.

A Responsive website is a website which responds or resizes itself according to the screen size.

Purpose of Responsive Websites

The purpose of approachable websites is to make a single site and its elements respond differently when viewed on various devices. It thus provides convenience to the audience in using a website. They get a complete awareness of the site, the company and the theme which it follows. It’s such an amazing way to attract people to the website that its now being adapted by almost every company which plans to have a website.

Benefits of a Responsive Website

A responsive website allows easy navigation to the audience and also makes the content much more readable. A responsive website may have only one column if viewed on a smart phone. The user will then probable have to scroll down. Also, the images will resize themselves according to the size of screen instead of distorting or cutting off.

Top 5 benefits of a responsive website are:

  1. More Traffic from Mobile: since now a day’s half of the users of websites come through mobile phones, therefore if you have a reactive website, it can adjust itself according to the mobile screen size thus attracting more and more people to the site.
  2. Lower Maintenance is Needed: A responsive design uses standardized testing methods to ensure optimal layout on all screens. Thus, less maintenance is needed for a responsive design.
  3. Improves Loading Speed: Studies have shown that a mobile user tends to leave a particular site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. A responsive design uses modern technology which allows the site and its images to load quickly.
  4. Improved SEO: Having asingle responsive website is better than multiple websites for every device as it helps in ignoring plagiarism of content which is important for a good SEO to our search ranking.
  5. Bounce Rates are Lower: A responsive website keeps the visitor engaged with better experience and navigation. It thus reduces bounce rate.

The Development Principles of Responsive Website

A responsive website has three development principals. All three of them should be implemented.

  1. Fluid Grids
  2. Media queries
  3. Flexible images and media

Let’s have a look at each point in depth.

  • Fluid Grids

Fluid is actually a substance which flows continuously. Thus, the elements of a fluid design are easily able to adapt themselves according to the screen size. The advantage of fluid grids is that it can work on larger screens even if we adjust the maximum width due to percentage-based calculations.

  • Media Queries

They are also known as breakpoints. They can be used to apply various styles which are based on capability of the device. The website is able to detect the device and the screen size and displays the page correctly.

  • Flexible Images and Media

This feature allows an image or any media to adapt and adjust themselves in respect of the device, either by scaling or using the CSS overflow property. Instead of scaling media it can also be cropped with CSS.

Thus, a responsive website is basically a technique to produce such website or design which is suitable for every device or screen size. The layout is so flexible that it adjusts itself according to the screen. It has various benefits and also is very convenient to its users.

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