Differences between JavaScript Master and JavaScript Master Plus Course

Differences between JavaScript Master and JavaScript Master Plus Course

With increase in demand for the web developers there is the need of the developers who are well versed with JavaScript to make it interactive and to provide best user experience by giving best user interface.

The best part about learning this language is that a student just needs to have good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and should have latest version of any browser and sublime text in their system.

For the best knowledge we need the best institute, Web Development Institute is the best web design and development training institute. It has experienced faculty which help in providing the best training with projects and also some real time projects which helps in improving the skills.

Our institute has two main courses according to the needs of the JavaScript aspirants. First course, is JavaScript Master Course and second one, is JavaScript Master Plus Course.

JavaScript Master Course Vs JavaScript Master Plus Course

Have a look at all the differences in our JavaScript Master and JavaScript Master Plus courses.

CourseJavaScript MasterJavaScript Master Plus
DurationJavaScript Master course is spread across 2 months.This master plus program is a 3 months course.
Training ModeIt is available in both online and classroom modesAvailable in both online and classroom modes
ModulesThis course is divided into 3 small parts.It has total 2 modules.
Course CurriculumThere are total 3 parts in this program. Part 1 gives the introduction of JavaScript, basic popups, data types, variables etc.  Part 2 gives the reference to all the features that are there in JS like loops, literals, exception handling, objects, cookies, local storage, timing methods, OOJS etc.  Part 3 discusses about the DOM in JS, BOM, images, forms, buttons, Ajax, XML, JSON etc.Course content of this Master Plus program are divided into 2 Modules. Where, 1st module discusses the Basics of JavaScript i.e., reference to all the features in this front-end development language and reference to DOM in JS. 2nd module discusses the advance level of the JavaScript which covers all the advanced features such as debugging, OOJS, modules of ES6 in depth, Asynchronous Execution and timers, design patterns, code minification, loading strategies, security etc.
PrerequisiteSound knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3.Sound knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3.

Its through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good

Paula Scher

So, never doubt yourself from starting anything.  Start your career, make mistakes and these mistakes will surely make one a better person. It will only lead to the next level of perfection. There is an overwhelming growth in the field of web designing and UI Development. People who want to make their career in this arena should start by learning this front-end language as it is one of the advantageous websites designing languages that can boost your career.

Want to know what can you become after doing this short-term course?

Here are the few career options after completion of these courses you can apply for:

  • JavaScript Programmer
  • DHTML Expert
  • Ajax Developer
  • OOJS Professional
  • Design Patterns Expert
  • Front-end Developer
  • UI Developer etc.

For making a website which is in rich in user-friendliness, JavaScript has become a very important part. This is the best time to learn this language as there is huge demand of the JavaScript developers in the industry. Also, the starting salary is no less than Rs 15,000 – Rs 30,000 for a beginner. 

So, go ahead and start your journey of learning today by joining our web development courses

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