Top 10 Features of PHP that You might not Know

Top 10 features of PHP that you might not know

Website UI has been developed. Now where and how to store the uploaded files, fetch data from the UI. All these problems are solved with the help of server-side language, PHP.

This scripting language id earlier stood for Personal Home Page but now it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open source as well as no licensing is needed. PHP and MySql work simultaneously and they both are compatible with apache server. For PHP either we use WAMP server or XAMPP server to run our files. But to have well versed knowledge of this language it is very important to have experienced faculty who know ins and out of this. Web Development Institute is the Best PHP training centre in Rohini, North Delhi. They standout because they provide hands on experience, special workshops, tests and quizzes time to time which makes it very indulging for a learner.

Top 10 Appealing PHP Features to Know

Now, here are the Top 10 Features of PHP that you might not know: –

1. PHP can run on windows, Linux as well as UNIX servers which makes it user friendly.

2. It takes very less load time which results in better user experience.

3. It provides flexible database connectivity. Most MySql database is used.

4. Spaceship operator popularly known as combined comparison operator is a new operator that is introduced in PHP. 

In this if, V1 < V2 then return -1

                V1 = V2 then return 0

                V1 > V2 then return +1

It is commonly used for sorting.

5. When we learn any programming language specially PHP than we can’t ignore errors. Basically, this server-side scripting language has main 3 types of errors: –

  1. Notices – They are non-critical error or simple ones.
  2. Warnings – They are important than notices.
  3. Fatal – They are the type of error that can cause termination of the program.

6. Commenting is very important, so that when the other developer reads your code, they do not have to work hard to understand it.

7. Every PHP developer should use Error Reporting feature in PHP so that each small error can be picked time to time and can be corrected simultaneously.

8. We can use set_time_limit function in this language which will set the time limit for each function. The reason to use this is to avoid infinite running of the function. 

9. It is good to use Output Buffer. So that HTML code can be stored in a variable and browser will then receive this in a single go than in chunks which is a good practice.

It can be done by just adding ob_start at the top of the working file.    

10. It is advisable to use frameworks as it is good for future developers

So, these are some top 10 features that one must not avoid while learning PHP as these features will them to comprehend the interface of this language more deeply.

Best Institute to Join Advanced PHP Course in Delhi

If you are looking for advanced web development training especially for PHP on both classroom and online modes, then you don’t have anything to worry about, as WDI furnishes exceptional web development courses in for aspirants like you which can be achieved in both the training approaches. 

Web Development Institute offers Advanced PHP courses in Delhi. For learning this language here are the few pre-requisites that you must aware with: –  

  1. To pursue this PHP course, one should have a sound knowledge and understanding of HTML5 and CSS3.
  2. Some hands-on experience on Ajax and JSON.
  3. One should know at least any one scripting language.

Learning this language will not only give an edge to your career as web developer but also provides good amount of money for the ones who have experience. So, what to wait for. Just go for free trial session and start your learning journey on the way to a prosperous profession with several golden opportunities. 

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