5 Skills to Make Your Design Stand Apart

5 Skills to Make Your Design Stand Apart

Today every potential visitor sees at least thousands of designs a day. Which one will they remember? The one that stand apart from others, the one that attracts most of the visitors and engages them the most.

Shout it out! Use visual that grabs a lot of attention! The human brain is visual, so visuals are crucial to making graphic designs look amazing. Use visuals and color to make a statement that is loud and bold.

How can you make your web design stand out? We have made a list of following tips which can make your work look like a professional which can attract attention in a creative world.

1. Pairing Contrasting Fonts

Pairing fonts is one of the most common areas that confuse people who are starting out with graphic design.

A great thumb rule is to use high contrast in fonts. It will help the fonts to maintain balance while still creating an eye catching effect in your design.

Example: The font Sifonn is used for the word “Hawaii” and the font Arvo for the supporting text:

The contrast between the 2 typefaces has been increased by making the size of the title significantly big & using a bright color to complement the background ocean image.

2. Choose font colors as per the designs

Creating color harmony is one of the most effective ways to make your designs stand out.

One way to create the right combination is to match the colors with graphic elements – for example, matching font color with a background image.

You can pick and use the exact color from an image or picture using a color picker tool, which will provide you with a hex code – which can be used in the design.

Example: Matching the text color with the green background helps the design stand out.

3. Illustrate Information with Shapes

The best way to demonstrate information is to use Shapes.

From creating informative infographics to a unique text holder, this is an important skill which helps you create original and innovative designs.

Example: Four circles are used in the above example representing different percentages were used in this example to illustrate the findings of a report.

4. Right balance of colors in images

Making sure that images should look best is an essential part of the graphic design process.

One way to do this is to increase or decrease the saturation of an image. Saturation denotes to the intensity of a color in an image. Increasing saturation will make the colors in your image appear richer, while decreasing it will made them look washed-out.

Example: Saturation was increased to brighten the natural color of the fruits.

5. Use images with maximum white space

White space refers to empty space within images or pictures, text etc.

When searching for background images, search for the ones with sufficient copy space that you can use to put text in it.

Example: In the above picture, text is more clear and visible on the right hand side picture because of the ample white space

The way you communicate and promote your work online will allow potential clients and visitors to form an opinion about your work even before you know it. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to follow the above mentioned tips and be good at whatever you do. Work in a way that exudes professionalism in your field. Is there something in particular that you want to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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