How to become a JavaScript Pro?

How to become a JavaScript Pro?

You can’t dare to ignore JavaScript if you are working or want to make your career in web designing or web development. Knowing JavaScript is not sufficient you have to be best in it. I am learning, exploring, and working in JavaScript from last 10 years and learned a lot so today I am giving my best efforts in sharing few of the very-very useful tips about JavaScript.

Since the introduction of JavaScript in 1995 it is getting popular day by day. While other competitors like ActionScript are blowing out from the market slowly-slowly. The reason behind the extra ordinary success of JavaScript is the built-in support from the browsers to run it and its frameworks. There are many JavaScript’s libraries or frameworks available in the market to use at no cost. These frameworks make very easy the use JavaScript in professional and modular ways.

Although JavaScript supports prototypal inheritance not classical unlike other biggest languages like Java, C++, PHP, ASP etc. Yet you can code in JavaScript in today’s most popular and advanced coding architecture i.e. MVC or Model View Controller.

So, here the ambiguity takes place in ours mind that what are the topics those are necessary to read out to become an JavaScript Pro????

I am here furnishing detail of some of the general topics that ADMEC Multimedia Institute covers in its JavaScript Master Course.

But before that I want to discuss about the prerequisites to learn Advanced JavaScript course i.e. JavaScript Master Plus Course.

What you must already know before going for advanced JavaScript concepts very well:

  • Simple Data Types, Reference Types, Operators, and Objects (in Detail)
  • Variable Scope and Hoisting, Expressions, Statements, and JSON
  • DOM, The Window Object, JavaScript Events, and Handling Errors
  • Functions, Function Properties, Function Expression, and AJAX
  • Basic Regular Expressions

What Topics Compose “Intermediate and Advanced JavaScript”?

Intermediate and Advanced JavaScript topics include:

  1. Debugging JS in the Browser, Object-oriented JavaScript
  2. Advanced Functions: Callback Functions, Bind(), Currying, and Chaining
  3. Asynchronous Execution, Timers, Prototypal Inheritance, Functional Inheritance, and Closures
    1. Class Abstractions
    2. Namespacing
  4. JavaScript Design Patterns
    1. OO Design Patterns
    2. JavaScript-specific Coding Patterns (Singleton Pattern and Factory Pattern)
    3. Anti-patterns
  5. Object Creation Patterns, and Code Reuse Patterns in JavaScript
  6. Code Minification and Compression, Loading Strategies, Dependency Management, and Security in JavaScript

Few more topics:

  1. Defining Functions in JavaScript
  2. Named Functions in JavaScript
  3. Functions as Objects in JavaScript
  4. Instantiation in JavaScript
  5. Flexible Arguments in JavaScript
  6. Closures in JavaScript
  7. Temporary Scope in JavaScript
  8. Function Prototypes in JavaScript
  9. Instance Type in JavaScript
  10. Inheritance in JavaScript
  11. Behaviour Encapsulation in JavaScript
  12. Polymorphism in JavaScript
  13. Built-in Prototypes in JavaScript

What are you thinking now? Did you know them very well? I am sure that you need to know about all these topics in-depth in JavaScript. Search on Google about these JavaScript terms, buy some tutorials from some paid websites, and find something useful on YouTube too if you can about JavaScript.

If you are not able to understand advanced JavaScript through above suggested mediums then contact us at 9811-8181-22, 9911-7823-50 or write us at I promise you will be amazed after meeting our JavaScript experts at our center.

Not able to attend JavaScript classes at our center in Rohini, Delhi, India then know more about our JavaScript online training. It is a virtual class room training where we teach one to one. Free of cost demo for JavaScript is also available.

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