The Difference Between HTML, CSS and JavaScript

The Difference Between HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Passionate in moving your career in web design industry but wondering to know about the distinct programming language you’ll need to learn, and how they all are differ with eachother? You’ll get all your answers here. Let us start with a short introduction of these three amazing programming languages.

An introduction to HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is basically a standard markup language for building statics web application and websites. Its a well standardized system that used for tagging text files to achieve color, grahpics, font and effects on web pages. Its a constantly evolving language that can meet the demands of today’s growing audience.
It used to narrates the website structure with the help of markup. It is very easy to learn and very powerful to create an attractive web page or application. HTML is a first step which a beginner should choice to start his career in web design and development industry.

Here is an example of a HTML document

    <title>This is a title</title>
    <p>Hello world!</p>

Above HTML code as you can see contains few predefined elements or tags each of which means differently for a browser. Main elements is HTML which again contains two main elements e.g.<head> and <body><head> element contains all the necessary information which needs to be loaded such as stylesheets, meta tags etc. before the main content which in <body> element.

An Introduction to CSS

Cascading Style Sheets which is known as CSS is a style sheet language that used to handle the presentation of the web page containing HTML. It makes our websites beautiful and modern looking. It’s just for all the visual effects and with its new version one can also create simple animation too.  This in an inline css where css styling is doing on HTML page just to give a short example. As a cornerstone technology CSS is used by millions of websites to create UI for web applications and for many mobile applications too.

Example of CSS Document

    <meta charset="utf-8">
    #xyz { color: blue; }
    <p id="xyz" style="color: blue;"> To demonstrate specificity </p>

As you notice in the above HTML code a new tag i.e. <style> inside <head> element. This element contains all the CSS code and that further used in the elements of <body>. As we have defined a selector #xyz in CSS and then referencing inside the <p> or paragraph element in <body> so in result we will get <p> element content in blue color.
There are many types of selectors and their uses, this is just a demonstration.

An Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript which is often known as JS, is a high-level dynamic interpreted programming language that allows client-side scripting to create completely dynamic web applications and websites. It is very light weight prototype based language which can easily run on the browers. weakly typed, prototype-based, multi-paradigm. Beign a multi-paradigm and weekly typed script It can provide  brilliant power to your webpage. Using JavaScript you can put calculations, logical conditions and all the programming functionality.

Example of JavaScript

    var name = “admec multimedia institute”;
    var address = “Rohini, Delhi, India”;
    alert(name +” is situated in ”+address);

JavaScript is dynamic type language unlike most of the popular programmings. We have defined two variables and then showing their values in a popup.
You can paste the above code in the <body> of your HTML document and then check for the result.

Difference in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Lets consider a web page as a human body. Now let’s see what each of these language really do:

  • HTML is a structural language that build the structure of a website as the skeletal system form the structure of the human body. Heading, paragraphs, images, text all are the part of HTML that creates the basic structure of a website.
  • CSS is a styling language that gives styling of a website. With the help of front color, background color and border styling CSS furnishes the look of the site as the skin gives look to the human body.
  • JavaScript is a programming language that gives motion and logics to the website for example a popup window alert. It is just like the motion of human body.

So, we have seen that how these three programming language are differnet from eachother, according to their works. There are numerous diploma and certificate courses in web designing. You can start your career from the selection of an ideal web designing institute in Delhi.
Please let me know in below comments if you want to suggest anything and have any doubts.

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