Importance of PHP to Develop Rich Featured Websites

Importance of PHP to Develop Rich Featured Websites

If you are aggressive to work in the IT industry and want to make your career as a professional web developer then you must have the knowledge of PHP language. You can create any type of website if you know PHP language. It is the most widely used web development language now a days. According to experienced web developers, we are moving towards the dynamic and responsive websites. Static sites have replaced by today’s modern responsive web pages. In such case PHP is being used to make static sites dynamic.

Knowledge of other programming languages like CC++Java can be very helpful in learning PHP well. But HTMLCSS, JavaScriptAjax are very much needed to learn PHP as they are the front end languages by which you can develop the front end for any website or web app.

There are some similarities in the syntax of all basic programming languages. If you are familiar with one then you can easily learn others too. Yes its true that programming background gives assistance in learning PHP but if you’re not technically sound in programming still you can learn it. This is what makes PHP the world’s number one language.

Rasmus Lerdorf has developed it for all. Everyone who loves innovation, creativity, new thoughts can learn it. PHP is the combination of all these elements. Programming is very colorful and full of fun that’s essential part of PHP.

Well we know that PHP is very popular in terms of making a rich featured website. It is one of the demanded programming language among the all professional developers. But have you ever wondered that what makes the PHP best? Why there is a big demand for PHP in Web Industry? Don’t know! Well PHP itself gives the reply of your queries. There are some characteristics which distinct it from others.

Major Benefits of PHP Development

Some of us are probably know about these benefits. Lets know.

PHP is:

  • Simple
  • Quicker
  • Secure
  • Open Source
  • Case Sensitive
  • Efficient
  • Platform Independent
  • Flexible
  • Familiar

Got all the answers. That’s good. As we’ve seen in the given points PHP is a open source so it is completely free to be used. It is complete secure, fast, flexible and easy to manipulate. With its short scripting code one can easily develop an advanced, well planned, rich featured website. PHP improves the performance of the site. A site can be well maintained if it is developed in PHP. Major CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla etc. are developed using PHP while PHP offers great frameworks too to its developers such as Symphony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel etc.

Top 10 Successful Web Applications Developed in PHP

Advanced PHP Training
  •    Yahoo
  •     Facebook
  •     Wikipedia
  •     Flickr
  •     WordPress
  •     Friendster
  •     Digg
  •     Magento
  •     Amazon

Future of PHP in Web Development Industry

Future of PHP in Web Development

In last 10 years IT Industry has been evolving PHP in large era. Approximate 80%, popular IT Companies all around the world are operating their work on PHP. Lots of professionals are working as PHP developers in the IT companies of all around the world. There are numerous golden opportunities for PHP developers in India that can shine their future. We can’t neglect that PHP has very bright future.

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