Importance of JavaScript for Web Design and Web Development

Importance of JavaScript for Web Design and Web Development

In today’s Digital India, almost every life is connected sturdily with websites. Each website has its own theme, unique animations, and features. That is what attract the users and force them to stay at the site few more seconds. Have you ever wonder that how all these things happening? What have been used to make the site attractive and approachable? How the site reacts on your action? All answers are hiding behind the one word that is JavaScript. Yes it is. Lets know about it little deeply. JavaScript a client-side language is one of the most popular programming language in Web Industry. It is use to add behaviors in website and helps to improving the performance of the site. It assists to add more functions to the site and make it more interactive.

It is a programming language that convey animation, interaction, dynamic effects, and creativity to the web page. You are enable to make a user friendly website using JavaScript. It supports web pages as well as external applications like flash applications, PDF documents etc. You can create various visual effects through JavaScript that makes your site more beautiful. It plays a key role in front-end as well as back-end development. Lets know more about it’s role in website designing.

Role of JavaScript in Website Designing

Yes, it plays a major role in website designing. JavaScript has appeared like a boom in web industry. There are no web applications that are not exploiting JavaScript. It has free and strong framework and libraries for instance jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, ExtJS etc. jQuery is known as a cross-platform library of JavaScript. It designed to clarify the client-side scripting. It is an open source library that is totally free. It is used to add advance animations, and many lively features to the website.

JavaScript offers AJAX feature too which is a place for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML in which JavaScript plays a very important role. Present- day both AJAX and jQuery have become the web trends in web design and development.JavaScript has its own distinctiveness that transports all the special functionality in the client’s browser. JavaScript is not a trend or a fashion. It is the backbone of web designing and development. The role of JavaScript can never be contradict as it can give the best user experience as well as can boost the performance of the site.

Web without JavaScript

We all know that JavaScript works like a backbone for Web. There would be no fun in web without JavaScript. Presence of JavaScript is very important to improve the performance of the site. Without it your site would be like a emotionless human. JavaScript adds emotions which means reactions to the site. You see pop up, forms, images, videos, beautiful animations, effects and other features on the site just because of JavaScript. Its JavaScript that creates all these things. The dominating sites that are using JavaScript can’t survive for a single day. JavaScript has its own shine in the web Industry.

Features of JavaScript

Here are some advanced features of the JavaScript:

  •     It gives an user friendly environment to the user
  •     Date and time both can be handled
  •     It is fully light weight
  •     It is a client-side scripting language
  •     It is object-based scripting language
  •     It is case sensitive
  •     JavaScript’s statements always ends with semicolon (;)
  •     JavaScript and C language both have same control statements syntax
  •     It offers asynchronous requests to the server without refreshing the page
  •     DOM Manipulation
  •     Advanced event architecture
  •     True Object Oriented Language
  •     Supports Multiple Programming Paradigms
  •     Works on Design Patterns such as MVC
  •     and many more…

What You Can Do Using JavaScript?

Nowadays with the help of JavaScript we are creating more and more complex web applications. JavaScript language can store useful values inside the variables. It brings functions to the site. JavaScript can create a sign-up form, a messaging option, chat options, searching option etc. All these can be create through JavaScript. JavaScript stands for the advance functionality of the web page.

Best JavaScript Examples

Lets have a look at some examples of JavaScript work:

  •     JavaScript Calculator
  •     JavaScript Visualizer
  •     JavaScript Memory Game
  •     Shopping Cart
  •     Auto-complete in Search
  •     2D and 3D Games
  •     UI Animations etc.

I hope I could have given you a clear idea about the JavaScript. To be a master of web designing you need to join JavaScript classes. Right learning also plays a primary role in building your success path. There are many JavaScript training institutes in Delhi or in all over in India which are offering professional training. There is a huge competition among the web designing institutes to provide even better training through experts. If you want to know my opinion then as per my view, I would recommend you to visit Web Development Institute (WDI) once. Here we provide basics to advanced JavaScript training through classroom as well as online mode.

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