Learn WordPress from Professional Training Institutes in Delhi

Learn WordPress from Professional Training Institutes in Delhi

WordPress is a free and open source constantly evolving CMS based on PHP and SQL. It is used in today’s scenario for making many websites and applications that you can use every day. It has advanced level interactive features for preparing different websites like easy theme development, better performance, better user interface, and plugin development etc.

Why Learn WordPress?

It is most widely used software and covers 15% of websites and is currently one of the most popular blogging platform site in world wide web. It comes with handy features designed in order to make user’s experience very easy and appealing. It has many standard compliant features that makes it very fast, light, and flexible content management system.

It is the easiest CMS to learn among all the available so any one from a student to the web professional can learn and explore it.

Why Our Institute is the Best WordPress Training Center?

We are the best professional WordPress training center in Delhi which is contributing in this industry for 11 years. I think that without specialized training on this software, one cannot achieve perfection. Hands on training is provided in order to meet industry needs. It is offering hands on practical knowledge and full 100 % job assistance to beginners as well as advanced level learners. We are conducting training on this software through subject specialist corporate professionals having experience in managing real-time projects.

We implement a blend of academic learning and practical sessions to give the student great exposure that aids in the transformation of native students into thorough professionals. In result, our students can be easily recruited in web development industry.

Our sessions are designed in order to assist students to get the benefit of both theoretical and practical sessions. The theory sessions deal in learning basics while practical sessions involve doing assignments and learning by writing code.

Our WordPress Training in Delhi is recommended for beginners and intermediate who are having a keen interest in learning this methodology.

Features of WordPress

It is one of the most innovative and right tool for content management strategy. We cover many aspects of WordPress including overview, installation, configuration, setting up of PHP development environment, plugins, hooks, actions and filters, activation code, templates, widgets, admin interface, database security, jQuery, AJAX, and live project training.

Courses Offered by our Institute

Advanced WordPress Master Course (2 months)

One can increase his/her knowledge to the next level with this advanced WordPress course which is 2 months in duration. It is a short-term certificate course and one can learn different advanced concepts by experts with a practical and project-based approach. One is also capable of installing, building, deploying, and maintaining his own customizable websites.

Topics Covered

  • WordPress Introduction
  • Installation and configuration
  • Posts and Pages
  • Categories and Tags
  • Statistics, Scalability, Security, and Spam
  • Content types and Panels
  • Managing images and media
  • Working with widgets
  • Managing comments system
  • Handling themes
  • WordPress e-Commerce stores
  • Theme development
  • Deploying Website on Live Server

WordPress Standard Course (1 month)

It is a basic certificate course designed for beginners who don’t have programming background.

Topics Covered

  • Installation and configuration
  • Posts and Pages
  • Categories and Tags
  • Statistics, Scalability, Security, and Spam

Who can Join WordPress Classes in Delhi?

Although anyone can learn this CMS as it is very easy and hardly takes a month to be master of it. Our institute offers two courses in WordPress so find the eligibility criteria below please.

Standard Course

  • Anyone who is interested in learning WordPress course should have basic knowledge of computer.

Master Course

  • This course brings customization and inbuilt functionality together so that one can develop highly productive website in it.
  • Anyone who have good knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP and MySQL.

Career Opportunities after WordPress Course

  • Theme Developer
  • CMS Programmer
  • Extension Developer
  • Widget Developer

Web Development Institute (WDI) is a renowned and one of the best WordPress training institutes in Delhi which provides high-quality training with unique and contemporary teaching methodology based on industry standards and has trained thousands of students till now in this great PHP Application. The institute has designed the content of this course in order to develop responsive and rich featured websites in this CMS.

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