Most Liked PHP Frameworks

Most Liked PHP Frameworks

Hypertext Preprocessor abbreviated as PHP is an open source, backend or server-side scripting language which is used to store the data for data-driven websites and applications.

So, to make the task easier for the web developers PHP frameworks are used so as to make the hard and complex codes simple.

Dedicated programmers use these frameworks not only to save their time but also one doesn’t need to start the code from scratch.

Here are the following reasons why to use the PHP frameworks?

Main benefits of using a framework of any of the programming languages are Reinventing the Wheel, Code Management, and Productivity.

For simplicity reasons, I have split up it in many points. Please check.

  1. It increases the speed of the website. This is accomplished by the tools and features that are provided by a particular framework.
  2. Another enthralling feature of all PHP framework is that they can be used for both websites as well as mobile app development.
  3. With time the frameworks are becoming more stable, reliable and bug-free, which in return is increasing the stability of the Hypertext Pre-processor language.
  4. Another added advantage of these frameworks is that they can be used with different databases.
  5. Above these advantages comes the supportive nature of PHP frameworks towards CMS i.e. Content Management System, which is the backbone of each and every industry.

Now, the curious web developers after reading the advantages must want to know about the frameworks that are good to use for 2019.

Here is the list of PHP frameworks with Advantages and Disadvantages:

Important: the following explanation is just an opinion out of my experience.

1. Laravel

At top of the list, we have Laravel which is a well-known open-source PHP framework. It was introduced in 2011. It has made some tasks like caching, routing and authentication of web applications easier.

Pros of Laravel

  • It is very good software that helps in developing complex backend
  • It allows supports customization
  • It helps in developing fast and speed applications

Cons of Laravel

  • Since it’s new, so the developer can expect bugs

2. CodeIgniter

It is the best framework of PHP that developers are using in 2019. It was introduced in 2006. It has modules that are already built and are easier to use by the developers.

Pros of CodeIgniter

  • Known for its very high speed
  • It contains a very simple set of libraries
  • Since it been too long that this software is in use so now it has become more stable and has minimum bugs
  • It is user-friendly

Cons of CodeIgniter

  • It lacks inbuilt ORM
  • It becomes cumbersome to modify the codes

3. CakePHP

CakePHP is one of the popular PHP frameworks which was introduced in 2005. It helps in developing attractive as well as easy to use applications. This framework has CRUD which stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete framework. It is simple to learn.

Pros of CakePHP

  • It is easy to use for beginners
  • It has an outstanding feature of providing the security

Cons of CakePHP

  • The documentation of CakePHP is not to the point and easy for beginners
  • Here, the developer has to update the default routes for fancy URL’s which needs a lot of work to do compared to other PHP frameworks
  • Although CakePHP is considered to be the first most programming framework but lacks in areas of friendliness and interestingness

4. Symfony

It is the framework that is in existence since 2005. It is a reliable framework. It is extensive as it follows all the guidelines of PHP. It is similar to Laravel.

Pros of Symphony

  • It is flexible, it can be used with Drupal. It can be used on any platform
  • It helps in developing a faster application
  • It takes very less memory space
  • It helps the developers in building and managing forms and translations

Cons of Symphony

  • It has some security mechanism that may not be understood by beginners easily

5. Slim

It is the easiest framework which is very easy for beginners to learn and is very easy to be used.

Pros of Slim

  • It is for beginners to use
  • User-friendly and very simple
  • Helpful in developing simple APIs

Cons of Slim

  • The documentation of it is a little tough for beginners to understand
  • Not the best choice for a huge project


Above we have discussed all the PHP frameworks that are being used in the industry. Also, we discussed their advantages and disadvantages, so that it can be an easier task for the naive PHP developers to select the most appropriate framework in 2019 for their PHP projects.

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I believe that the above explanation would be helpful for those who are planning to join the PHP training course too.

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