Role of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP in Web Development

Role of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP in Web Development

Nowadays every business is getting online so that everyone could reach and know about it even if they are far away. The best way to get this done is through websites. The technical term for preparing a website in Web Development. It deals with the intense coding part of the websites and comes after the Web Design part. It is vast because there are droves of languages that have been used under this such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Angular, Vue, React.js, etc.

But out of all the 3 languages which are building blocks of Web Development are:


Hyper Text Mark-up Language abbreviated as HTML is known as the basic structural language for the web. Above this layer comes presentation layer and behavioral layer that we are going to discuss later on in this blog.

Since this is a structural layer, so as the name suggests, it is used to design the basic structure and content of the website. All this done with the semantics, they are the meaningful elements in the webpage which are coherent to both web developer as well as browser.

Semantics in HTML

Now, to provide some styling to it, CSS that is Cascading Style Sheet is used. It helps in making our webpage presentable, so is known as the presentation layer and can control the styling of many pages all at once.

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2. JavaScript

The webpage that is created using HTML and CSS is just a static webpage and does not have a life to it. Now, to give it a life we add JavaScript to it using <script> —- </script> tag.

This layer is known as a behavioral layer as it provides a dynamic effect to the webpage. It helps in making websites user-friendly and more interactive which in turn provides a better user experience.

It is not only supported by web browsers is also supported by PDFs, flash application, running widgets, etc.

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Now, the two languages discussed above are known as Front-end Languages as they are utilized in designing the webpage.

The basic language that is used to control the back-end activities is

3. PHP

Hypertext Pre-processor abbreviated as PHP is used with MySQL and many other databases to handle every server-side activity, as it has built-in support for it. It is open-source and free which is used cross-platform that means one can deploy this on any operating system that too hassle-free.

Moreover, it is believed that the sites designed with PHP are reliable, secure and easy to use.

Now, there are many PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Symphony, Laravel, etc., which have made the life of web developers easy as it comes with a set of libraries and hence reduce the coding work and saves time.

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Conclusion of the blog

So, these are the Roles of HTML, JavaScript, and PHP in the world of web development. To learn the same, it is very important to get guidance from the experts because in such a competitive world it’s always advisable to be perfect in what you do. Our Web Development Institute offers the best range of Web development courses and is also considered as the best Web development institute in Rohini. For any further queries feel free to contact us.

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