What’s Eligibility to Learn PHP?

What’s Eligibility to Learn PHP?

Are you looking to make a career in PHP or want to learn fundamentals or in-depth of PHP, then you have landed at right place. In my counseling career I have came various clients who want to learn PHP but are confused as to where from start. So through this write up, I would like to clarify this question. Here I have tried to render the eligibility criteria depending upon varied requirements of PHP.

First of all I would like to clarify what is PHP. PHP is the popular open source server-side scripting language widely used for producing web pages. If we put it simply,” PHP language is for controlling the backend administration of a website.” In-fact various open source applications like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Os Commerce, Magento and so on are developed in PHP MySQL itself.

Before proceeding with what’s the eligibility for joining PHP course, would like to tell you about the process about how the websites are created.

Firstly depending upon the client’s requirement GUI (Graphic User Interface) of website is build using Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator.

There upon on approval of the design we move towards UI development i.e. website designing using web languages. Essentially a website can be created in three segments.

  • Firstly data structures are created by coding done in HTML
  • Secondly presentations are done using CSS i.e. Cascading Style Sheet
  • Finally behaviors or logic in a website are created and controlled using JavaScript, jQuery and DHTML

Using the above three we create a mobile friendly website i.e. a website which works well on portable devices.

Role of PHP in Website Development

PHP acts as a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP by and large is used to program the back end of sites. The parts that deal with databases and clients/passwords, any program that stores information. It’s used for most programs on sites today; it is totally server-side scripting language, in comparison to HTML or JavaScript which are characterized by the web browser on the client-side. The server peruses PHP which for the most part lets it know what HTML or JavaScript to show to the program. When you submit a structure it might be taken care of by PHP also. So for any kind of intuitive site, or a site that needs a database or organization area PHP writing computer programs is fundamental. I may be somewhat inclination as I am a PHP software engineer. One other thing, PHP among numerous different uses is likewise utilized for between variably layouts on sites that are with the click of a catch the site’s format changes.

Hope the above helped you out in understanding what the exact process is of creating a website. Now we elaborate on eligibility criteria for pursuing PHP program.

Eligibility Criteria to Learn PHP

Are you a fresher and just looking for basic understanding of PHP and MySQL

Candidates who only want to have an understanding or knowledge of PHP, and then there will be no eligibility. Our experienced instructors will discuss basics of required languages in brief for you.

If you are a fresher and want a successful career in PHP development

If a candidate is a fresher or beginner or posses some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and he/she looking for a career in advanced web development, then he can pursue a customize course in Responsive Web Designing from ADMEC Multimedia Institute along with PHP course. 

If you are an experienced UI developer or Web designer

If a candidate have good command over UI designing (website designing), then he/ she can directly pursue PHP Master program from our institute.

Please have a look on other advanced Web design and development courses.

Advanced and complete course in Web designing, Web Development, and Web Promotion

Last but not the least, if a candidate want to learn entire web designing and development, then he can apply for either Web Master or a customized program in web design and web development from our institute. 

For further clarification you can visit our center or talk to our counselor for free of cost counseling session.

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