How to Move a PHP Project from Localhost to Live Server

How to Move a PHP project from Localhost to Live Server

I hope your website is ready and you are ready to upload it on a live server. Development of a PHP project is not a difficult task for someone who is a PHP master and knows it very well but when you want to move that project from localhost to live server then you may face some problems if not aware about all the process. So I will try to help you in hosting your website developed in PHP by telling you everything which you should know to host it. A PHP project is made up of the combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. So let’s talk about that how can you host your website on the server and other requirements step by step.

Steps to Move a PHP project from Localhost to live Server

Step-1 – Test Your PHP Project on Localhost

The very first thing is that you should have a website in PHP on localhost.

Localhost is the host which can run your web application in the browser locally on a computer. You should test the functionality of the website and how it works before planning to upload. HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript are used to design the front-end of any website and for back-end or serverside, the coding will be in PHP language.

You can download WAMP, XAMP, or Lamp software for setting up your website in your computer.

Step-2 – Get a Domain

In next step, you will purchase a domain from a company. Here a term has used the domain which is used to specify the area of your website. Let us see an example, if you have a website related to an organization then .org is the most appropriate domain for your website. Many other domains are available like .in, .com, .edu etc. There are many companies to be contacted to purchase your domain like Godaddy, HostSoch, BigRock,, Znetlive, HostPapa etc. You can choose any one of them to purchase a domain for the website.

Step-3 – Buy A Hosting Plan

When you purchased a domain for your website then next step is to buy space to host the website on the server. Hosting a website on the server means acquire a space to store the website on the server (it is a system which is accessible through the internet and provides data when a user request for it). You can get a variety of hosting plans for your website like Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Cloud-Based Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Linux Plans, Windows Plans, Dedicated Web Server, Colocation Web Hosting, Self Service Web Hosting etc. Buy a plan which is suitable to a PHP website. Please post your query in the comment box if you have.

Step-4 – Host or Upload Your PHP Website

Hosting a website on the server means it is accessible to all of the users which are using the internet. After purchasing space for your website, you will have two ways to upload your data to the server. You can use cpanel or a FTP application like Cute FTP, FileZilla etc. to uploade. You can access the cpanel (Control Panel) using username and password which you got at the time of hosting from the host company.

Step-5 – Import Your MySQL Database in cPanel

After uploading all the files and folders you need to import the database file too. Generally, database files are type of .sql. You can go to the phpMyAdmin application available in your localhost in your computer to export the database in .sql format and import same file in phpMyAdmin using cPanel given by your hosting provider. You need to create a database and new login details of the database server. When you are done with uploading your database on the server make sure you update the correct login detail of database server in databse server connection file (generally it is connection.php) which is used to make a connection to the database.

After completing all the above steps, finally your website is hosted on the live server. Now anyone can access it by using the internet. It is an interesting and important thing for a developer that it is available to the world at large.

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