Can I Learn Drupal Myself or Should I Opt for WordPress

Can I Learn Drupal Myself or Should I Opt for WordPress

As you all know, Drupal and WordPress are CMS (Content Management Systems) which are used to develop the websites and they are built in PHP. Both have its own features and demerits. The main advantage of using CMS is, you are not required to write a lengthy code to develop the website. You don’t need to have a deep understanding on a programming language for comprehending these CMSs. At the back-end, same programming languages are used to do the actual work, but not required to write it manually. Firstly see its brief introduction and then discuss that which CMS is a right option for self-study. And you can attain sound knowledge on both of these CMSs by reaching to the renowned WordPress and Drupal institutes in Rohini, Delhi. Your expertise in the realm of web designing and development will expand and refine by opting advanced Drupal and WordPress classes in Rohini from best place.

These CMS provides a baseline from where one can start easily to develop a full-featured mobile-friendly website in minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you are programmer or non-programmer, anyone can use these.

Is Drupal a Right CMS to Learn?

It is a Content Management System which manages the content of the website and helps us to develop the website in a short time period with all the functionalities which are required. It is used when we want to pull the data in different databases and have a complex structure for our website.

Should I Go for WordPress?

It is a CMS which is widely used to develop the website by beginners and experienced programmers and developers. It is suitable when you have a simple structure of the website and requires to deal with blogs and articles.

Before reaching at the final decision lets see some features which help us in selecting the right CMS for us.

Comparison between Drupal and WordPress

Points to keep in mind while selecting a CMS to learn:

S. No.MeasuresWordPressDrupal
1Self-StudyThis CMS is best suited to learn by self-study because it is not complex.There may be the difficulty to learn the Drupal itself.
2Structure of the websiteIf the structure of the website is simple then WordPress is best.If the structure of the website is complex then Drupal is best.
3MaintainanceMaintainance of the website is easy.Maintainance of the website is a little bit complex.
4PluginsWhen you are required to use a wide range of plugins then it is best.It supports less number of plugins as compared to the WordPress.
5SecurityIt is not secure as Drupal.It is more secure than WordPress.
6e-commerceIt is not suitable for e-commerce websites.It is best for developing e-commerce sites.
7CommunityMany communities are there for WordPress.For Drupal, less communities are there in comparision of WordPress.
8UpdationIts websites are compatible with all of the updation of WordPress.Its sites can create problems when you are switching to the upgraded version.
9PerformanceIts performance is slow because of the absence of built-in cache.Its performance is better than WordPress because of built-in cache.

So after looking on the advantages and disadvantages of Drupal and WordPress, now you are able to decide which CMS can fulfill your requirements and helps you to decide that which CMS you can learn by yourself.

In my opinion, you can learn WordPress yourself because it is simple and if you are going with Drupal then you should go for an training from an institute.


A good web designing and development institute is an institute which can give the training of both CMS to learn both of them perfectly. Our institute have created tons of websites in Drupal and WordPress which are responsive, simple dynamic, complex dynamic, and e-commerce. We have a huge experience of development and maintainance of such websites in these CMS. An experienced person can explain you very well each term which will be comes in use when you are doing the practical. Join Web Development Institute, to have a complete and deep knowledge of Drupal and WordPress. This institute offers you the special Drupal courses and WordPress courses at the reasonable fee.

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