Web Designing vs Web Development vs UI Development

Web Designing vs Web Development vs UI Development

Although are you searching to know the difference between Web designing, Web development and UI development but when we listen to these words, suddenly a thing comes to our mind that these all terms are almost same because a common thing is there ‘Web and development’ but such assumption is completely wrong. There is only one similarity in all of these that they are related to website making but still they are different. Here we will explain such terms in detail to clear all the differences properly.

Before that lets discuss few important terms here in brief.

A Comprehensive Overview on Web (World Wide Web )

Basically, web is a network of something but we are talking about designing and development of Web. So it means a website for us for meanwhile. Web designing and development results into a beautiful website with wonderful functionality. Web designing deals with front-end and Web development deal with the back-end of a website. Before diving into the details of it we should know the meaning of back-end and front-end then we come to the Web development and Web designing.

Back-end Development 

This is the development which is also known as Business logic. To apply this business logic, we are required to work with programming languages like Java, PHP, Angular JS etc. Any web performs any operation because of back-end development languages. Different programming languages are available in today’s world which is of high-level and easy to read and understand. Each programming language have different features like PHP is server side scripting language, Java is a secure language and many more. To make the strong back-end, we should have uses database to store the data and for that also different databases are available which are compatible with different languages. Development of back-end actually means providing the actual functionality to the website. Business logic is developed by coding in programming languages.

Front-end Development

As the name suggests, Development of the front-end. It means develop an interface by which user can interact with website. For develop the front-end, a developer should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more. Each language plays an important role in designing the web. You can use many more things to make your web beautiful by using different animations and make a photo itself. HTML is used to create the structure of a webpage and CSS is used for making it beautiful and JavaScript is for validation. There are more languages also which can be used in front-end like jQuery etc.

After looking at the very basic terms of web development and designing, now move on the main topics to discuss that what the actual mean they have:

An Insight into Web Designing

Web designing is the designing of any website. In web designing, a web designer design all the web using any photo editing software and convert it into any psd file and give it to UI developer. To design the web knowledge of different fields are required like Photoshop and a little knowledge of HTML and CSS etc.

An Insight into Web Development

Web Development is the back-end development of the website. To develop the business logic, you must have the knowledge of any of the programming language like PHP, Java, Angular JS, Python etc. Many CMS(Content Management System) are there which provides ease to develop the code for the web. Some examples of CMS are like WordPress, Joomla, Magenta, Alfresco, Drupal etc.

An Insight into UI (User Inter Face)

UI is the User Interface by which user can interact with the application. It may be a web application, mobile application etc. UI Development is the overall development of UI means how its look like, how it response to the use etc.

An Insight into UI Development

For the development of UI, you will have to use different languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and convert the file which is created by Web designer. Functions of UI developer starts from that point where web designer finalize its work. A little bit knowledge of Web development and Web designing is a plus point for UI developer.

In every field, all of these are required because today is the world of digitalization and in this environment of competition, every person to try the best in their field for their existence. So these are fully job-oriented fields and you can easily get an opportunity to start your career.

A Comparison- Web Designing vs Web Development vs UI Development

After knowing the meaning of all the terms, now we are ready to look the differences between web designing, web development and UI development.

Web DesigningWeb DevelopmentUI Development
You must have the Creativity to create design any web if you want to go for web designing.For Web development, you should have the  logic to develop back-end for any website, logic is the only key for this.You should have the skills for UI development like creativity and logic, You can say that  this combination of skills is decide that you are eligible for this or not.
Web designers only design for web.They develop the back-end code for the web.They develop front-end means to design and make it responsive.
Web designing is the front-end development.It is the back-end development.It is the combination of both front-end ad back-end designing
Web designers design the web using some software like Photoshop or illustrator.Web developers write the business logic by which functionality is added to the web using PHP or java etc.UI developers convert the psd file into real time files and develop that in reality using HTML, CSS etc.
Some career options: Web designer is the best option, Image editing etc.Some specific career options: Web developer, PHP developer,Java developer etc.Some selected career: UI developer, Front-end Developer etc.

There are much more options for all the fields. But here only a few are mentioned because of its large amount. If you want to be skilled in any of these, there are dedicated advanced web design and development classes of courses available. Each course has chances of maximum growth in its industry. It is difficult to find out a single platform to do all the things but Web Development Institute provides you all of the courses to join only. Identify your skills and then join the course which is best suited for you

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